We co-produced music video Renne Dang – Votáčet

Renne Dang

I am musicserver.cz (leading music website) contributor since 2008, specializing on american market and hip-hop, and thanks to this I have many ties to Czech rap scene. One of the people I really value is Renne Dang (Facebook, Instagram), Czech/Vietnamese rapper signed to Blakkwood Records label since 2014.

We first met in 2013 in a city near Prague for a concert, as I was touring with Johny Machette, and saw each other on many occassion since then. I liked his work and attitude so I had an idea to offer him an interesting location for shooting. The right time came at the end of 2016, when he was preparing next single for his firsts regular solo album, “Con Lai” (April 2017). So far, he released 2 EPs and album with ex-label-mate Viktor Sheen “Projekt Asia”.

The track was called “Votáčet” and I really like him, and also the idea for the video, so I was really happy to let them shoot in our villa (architect: STUDIO 58) and provide them with production services.

The script was created usign the video above (with unfinished building) and commented 3D visualitions, and the author is also the director and cinematographer: Vasyliy Rusyn (Aymovich Instagram). The song is not even 3 minutes long, it is very straightword and so the video had to be minimalistic too. Skladba nemá ani tři minuty a je velmi přímočará a proto i video je minimalistické. There are not many shots on purpose.

Blue bedroom scenes

The biggest challenge was settings up the lightning and cameras (RED from Biofilms) right. The building allows user defined colour settings in the rooms, so we were tuning them for a long time. In the end, saturated red was chosen for the party scene, blue for bedroom and pink for swimming pool. “Hotling Bling”! The resulting shots are stunning. We recommend to switch to 4K on YouTube too see them in detail.

Pink swimming pool scenes

Behind the scenes were done by me and Tomáš Snop (Gnosis Instagram). Production was supervised by Jakub M. Stelzer and Soňa Jandová of Blakkwood. In front of the camera, Renne brought his friends and the star of the video is model Nela Novorytová (Instagram).

The video:


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